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  • Amazon Customer - Bad fit, no help.

    Front passenger mat has an unacceptable fit in our 2011 Avalon. E-mailed Weathertech and they responded with a request for pictures which we forwarded. They offered a home remedy that didn't work. I said that I was still dissatisfied and asked for a retooled replacement. They never responded and so I am stuck with a bum product. We like the ones (in 2 autos) that do fit, but cannot recommend Weathertech since they do not stand behind their products.

  • ANDREW FRIERSON - The whole reason to have this is so you don't ...

    The whole reason to have this is so you don't mess the console up and then you have to use double sided tape. I thought it would fit snug on it. Shipping was fast.

  • J. Staton - DeLorme Earthmate

    The GPS works great. I'm having some software issues though. I think it may be as much the fault of Windows as it is DeLorme. The program will shut down for no apparent reason. And it sometimes changes views on it's own. For instance if I'm running the program im my house it will go to some other part of the country without me doing anything and when I'm driving it will sometimes zoom out but at least it does stay with me so when I zoom back in it still shows me being where I really am. I haven't contacted DeLorme about it yet.

  • Robin - Fav Baby Soap

    Bath's can be done before the water is finished filling the tub with this foam soap. It's amazing. Have used it for over 2 years now on baby, then toddler, and now baby 2.

  • Jayhawk - Quicken Rental Property Manager 2013

    I upgraded to Quicken Rental Property Manager 2013 from RPM 2010 and have discovered the mileage rates for 2013 are incorrect. After contacting customer support they indicated the next upgrade may fix this but no details when that would be out. Upgrades cost so my guess is you can pay for 2014 when it comes out but look out as Quicken is not the company they used to be. Defective programs with no support.

  • barbyd32 - An enjoyable read but didn't work for me!

    I read this book with enthusiasm as I was looking for something to help me with EHS. It was very well written and made a lot of sense and I was very hopeful it would work for me! After finishing the book, I ordered a set of mats and the bands. I checked my outlet with the tester they provided to make sure it was grounded. It was! I proceeded to attach the grounding cord to the band and then to my wrist and proceeded to put the other end in the grounding hole. It wasn't long before I was experiencing some of the symptoms I do with electromagnetics...... headaches, shortness of breath, generalized aches and pain. I waited a couple of days and tried it again. Sad to say, it did the same thing. I do believe the stories of others who received help from the Earthing. It just didn't work for me! I will continue my search for something else that will help me and I am happy many found help with grounding!