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  • LakeMead Jim - This Will Help and Entertain

    Easy read with interesting take on Hisband - Wife dynamic. Openly discussing with progressive wife she disagrees with the theories BUT when I put the suggestions in action she responds very well. Been married 26 years and find myself being overly sensitive to every wife need and comment. She did feel in my quest to please I had become a little bit of a wimp. As I put suggestions from the book into practice regarding smaller things, overall relationship improved quickly. Would recommend as a counter to all the books the wives read that all clamor for neutered males. This promotes a traditional Male role that appeals at a more primal level. The writing style is engaging, witty and borderline comedy which makes it easier to keep with it. Found myself reading excerpts to wife to get her to talk and laugh.

  • Rebecca Allen - It's a piece of crap, received it for Christmas this year 2014

    It's a piece of crap, received it for Christmas this year 2014. It says it works on iPads but only on the older models don't buy this product. Trying to return it since it won't work with my iPad and they want 15% to restock and they want me to pay for shipping. I am out 46.00 plus freight.

  • Denise R. Becknell - Transformational for ANYONE who is looking to build their people skills! NOT JUST FOR CHILDREN!!!

    When I purchased this program, I did so for my sister. She had a very stressful home life with a 19-year-old daughter and a granddaughter who were both big challenges. I waited for her to use the program and she kept making excuses why she didn't have time. Towards the end of the year, I pushed her and she finally started to pay attention. The changes were immediate. She is still working on it, but her life has improved dramatically!

  • Iggy - but I love it! Very Hard ball though

    Pixilated print of the bloody hand print, but I love it! Very Hard ball though.. definitely not pillow touch. Great for beach volleyball!

  • Amazon Customer - It's a light duty vac, but the best of the cordless ones under $300. Simple design, easy to repair yourself.

    I purchased a refurbed Linx from Amazon about 18 months ago, and ironically, though my vac has broken a couple of times, I still really like the vacuum. It really gets used heavily. I have a big black dog, a white tile floor through most of the downstairs, a 3 year old boy, and I have OCD'ish cleaning issues. I've had to fix a couple of things in the vac, but almost everything I attribute to heavy use and "accidents", like the vac tipping over from the standing position. My handle finally gave up altogether when the vac dropped from a self standing position on our hard ceramic tile for about the 10th...20th...(who knows?) time. Contrary to some comments, my experience has been that it's a simple device, and if you're handy with a soldering iron, have a high speed rotary tool, and care to know why things happen, you can fix it.