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  • Jeff Smith - Good Shaver

    The previous model became uncomfortable and inefficient after 18 months (for $36.00, not bad really), so I bought this newer model and am pretty impressed; better design, construction ans shaves (like the last one initially) very well.

  • Stephen J. Boone - Messed Up My Primary Computer Badly By Deleting Critical Stuff

    I agree with the review posted by X.Pert. I, too, am an expert, having owned a computer business for years and having built or worked on hundreds of systems since the mid '80s. I normally run Advanced System Optimizer, which has never once caused me a problem, but it wasn't solving all the issues I perceived with my primary computer, a Lenovo W700 laptop I had just done an OS reinstall and app reinstall on, so I thought I'd let Registry Mechanic 2012 take a swing at things. This turned out to be a horrible mistake.

  • Jacob F. Keller - Gorgeous artwork matched by spot on story telling

    Good start to a promising comic franchise. The artwork is absolutely gorgeous and I loved the way each ghost took its cues from both the cartoon and movies. I loved all the story tie ins and absolutely adored all the subtle Easter eggs from the cartoon series thrown in. You really have to look to spot a few of them.

  • S. Simpson - Great product but beware.

    This things works great with the Chicco Key Fit 30. Just remember the stroller becomes top heavy when the car seat is in place. Don't try to run with this and take a corner with any amount of speed. In fact, I think running with the car seat in place is not recommended. Just read the BOB stroller manual.

  • Sean - Ethernet jacks do NOT work when using Wireless WAN, USB 2.0 port only supports FTP!

    After reading many rave reviews about this device, I decided that I should throw caution to the wind and make the purchase. However, after receiving the device, not all of the features functioned as I anticipated. I hope the description below helps you to make an educated decision about whether to purchase this device for yourself.