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    DO NOT BUY THIS! Their customer service is horrible. I was trying to renew with them when I was talked into spending $120 correcting some errors on my PC which was running fine. Before it was all over, I had given them remote control of my machine and they eventually lost everything on it! I lost everything that was not backed up. The next day they REFUSED to refund my money. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!

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    This stuff definitely works, you actually feel a quite a bit sobered up within 30 mins of taking it! If you go out for drinks during the week and hate how it messes up the next work day then this is a must! Already on my second bottle...

  • Viola - What a disaster...

    I purchased this rental on the software, thinking I could just keep making payments, and would just make the most of it. When my Mac desktop crashed, it too several trips to the store to finally figure out what was wrong. As a result, ALL my photos are completely gone, nada, no cloud nothing....I am super P. off beyond belief.

  • Dawn - Reasonable price for technician test prep

    A good review for the pharmacy technician exam, it's very thorough and explains things in a fair amount of depth. Would certainly recommend for those wanting to take the exam to get certified. I rated four stars however, because while the information is good, there are several typos within the book, which make me question it a little, but I've found the wealth of information more important than their lack of editors.

  • Amazon Customer - It's a must have book, enough said. Think ...

    It's a must have book, enough said. Think about it this way, the exam writers are assuming that all students will be using this book as well another popular Qbank. So a lot of the questions will be based on that presumption. It's a must have/foundational book.

  • A. Phan - Great Book! Gives tips and tricks that can help you improve your score.

    I absolutely loved this practice and prep book! I was really struggling with reading comprehension on the Upper Level SSAT. This book gave me tips and tricks that were very useful. Along with 3 whole practice tests for the SSAT, there were around 100 problems for reading comprehension that greatly improved my score. I would definitely recommend this to anyone taking the SSAT or ISEE. There is one flaw, as there is a general answer format for the math section that wasn't included in this practice tests. For example, there is usually one graph interpretation problem in the SSAT that was not included.