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  • shannon - Kit makes truck look great, install is actually very easy if one doesn't ...

    Kit makes truck look great, install is actually very easy if one doesn't read into it so much, simply drop the strut assembly, add spacer, use floor jack, reassemble, no ball joint nor sway bar link seperation necessary, u will need to cut off upper front control arm stop to allow for downward travel, in addition I dropped my ft. Differential with spacers to correct CV half shaft angle, my ball joints are not maxed out and my alignment was only out on toe angle, had dealer do my alignment, moto fab components are built much stronger (better Steele) than competition products, the best kit for the money

  • [email protected]'s Late Night Book-up - ✯✯5 Maitagarri Stars!!!✯✯

    Finally!! I been waiting for Delara and Waleron's story from the very beginning of this series. I knew their story was going to be explosive and I was so right. Nashoda Rose did an excellent job at telling their story from the very beginning while adding the other Scar's stories in as well.

  • Lola A. Zunker - 23+ years and still happy

    I have used Peachtree, which became Sage since 1991 and am very happy with the product. I do have to pay for payroll tax updates but so does everyone using an accounting program. I do books for several small companies and over the years a couple of my clients have been audited by the IRS which was never a problem because I am able to print reports with ease and excellent audit trails.

  • Parker J. Bena - A Brilliant Encapsulation of the Most Incredible Season in Cardinal History

    I just got a copy of the 2011 Official World Series Film and it is awsome! Hearing the reactions from the guys to the various pivotal moments of the Fall Classic made them all the more special. I love the way all the key points of the season were highlighted - the loss of Wainwright, the early woes of the bullpen, the Pujols injury, the Rasmus Trade, the ascent to the Wild Card - everything.

  • Amazon Customer - Great taste and really works

    WOW. This tea really does taste good. The tea really seems to be working. I've been drinking it for three days and have noticed a difference in feeling much less bloated. My colleague told me today that my skin looks so bright. She didn't even know that I started this regimen. The daytime tea does give you energy. From how I feel, and the fact that I really am less bloated I would highly recommend this product. :-) I'll check back in in 30 days after using it.

  • Valerie Levens - Began peeling and bubbling up in less than a year.

    As another person posted, I did everything according to the directions, weather, prep, etc. and now this year after our MI winter large portions of the deck are bubbling up and flaking off. My neighbors plan to do their deck this year, I'll advise the use another product. It is not worth the money and work you have to put in to applying it. I'll tell everyone I know not to use this product.