Ballarat Allergy Clinic - Ballarat Allergy Practice providing an extensive range of Allergy related medical services.

  • Allergy Clinic - Ballarat Allergy Clinic - Ballarat Allergy Clinic conducts skin allergy testing, and in the context of the patient’s history and examination findings, interpretations of the results are made.

    Country:, Oceania, AU

    City: 151.2193 New South Wales, Australia

  • Shaquanda Allen - Handy manipulatives

    These dice come in handy in a class of 28 with 5 groups. Each small group gets a chance to work with their own set of dice. They're attractive to the eye and work in a plethora of math areas. Each set co,Es with its own sack.

  • Marie - Did not meet my expectation

    I had higher hopes for this product. I appreciate that the brightness adjusts, but it's not enough for me to justify the money spent. It's bulky and adds significant width to my device. Also, don't think it resulted in a significant difference when snapping photos.

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    Great conditioning oil. I can't live without it. Great to use on natural hair. I use it at least once a week for a great conditioning oil or it could be used as a deep conditioner depending on your hair.

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    Been using this hardwood floor cleaner since I had the floors installed, so seven years! A great product! Nice to get the refill instead of the cartiages to save money. I also have the spray bottle too!

  • Dee Her - But my sister tried it and she didn't like it. She complained about runs to the bathroom

    First off, I have not tried the pills yet so I'll give an update when I do. But my sister tried it and she didn't like it. She complained about runs to the bathroom, curbing her appetite, and messing up her taste buds... and that EVEN WATER tasted weird so she stopped.