BDTM Inc | Biodegradable Track Mat | Railroad Oil Remediation - We are suppliers of eco-friendly oil remediation products derived from NASA nano-technology. Save money. Save Time. Go Green. Call today. 412-469-9331

  • BDTM Inc. - Environmentally Friendly Oil Remediation Solutions - BDTM Inc. is a distributor of eco-friendly products for oil remediation and hydrocarbon spills. Our products are based on NASA Nano-technology.
  • BDTM Inc. | Bio-Boom® | Oil Remediation for Storm Water Runoff - Eco-friendly oil remediation products derived from NASA nano-technology. Bio-Boom removes oil from storm water runoff. Call today. 412-469-9331
  • Contact | Biodegradable Track Mat | Oil Buster - BDTM Inc. - Contact BDTM today for information about our eco-friendly products or to schedule an on-site presentation. Call 412-469-9331. Go Green. Save money today.
  • Green Bay Rail Yard Pilot Test yields Eco-friendly Success - BDTM, derived from NASA nano-technology and tested in several rail yards with eco-friendly results compared to the standard track mat. Saves time and money.
  • BNSF West Sibley Test | Eco-friendly oil remediation test by BDTM, Inc. - BDTM has been running test pilots all over the country for years. Our product lab data surpasses all other for eco-friendly oil remediation. Save money.

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