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  • Customer - Does not download (key card, Windows8.1).

    Spent couple hours trying to download it on my PC (Windows8.1). Offer of "virtual technician" appeared from McAfee, after another 15 min this virt. tech. displayed a sign: "Can't download, such and such files are missing". And then they had guts to ask if this was helpful:)

  • James Broniec - Gives me an edge..

    AlphaBrain performance or impact varies widely with those who take it. If you're new to nootropics, I'd recommend trying the 30 capsule offer from Onnit - they offer a 30 day money back guarantee. I've taken AlphaBrain for over a year and use it to maintain a cognitive edge on my competition, and to keep my brain functional for marathon work engagements. The only side effects I've noticed are a noticeable improvement in my sense of smell & a definitive increase in lucid dreaming and dream recall.

  • Dacaria - Very effective for me.

    I've always had problems with allergies and my sinuses. I could always tell a cold or sinusitis was coming on b/c my throat would begin to itch, my tonsils will begin to swell, and my throat would begin to hurt. The next day I would be sick, without fail. I bought this Manuka honey and I took a spoonful when I felt the itch in my throat coming on. I first bought this in Dec. 2013, and I don't know if it's the honey or not, but I haven't had any allergies, or colds or sinuses problems in 6 months. Will definitely buy again.

  • AAWerner - Great Bag

    This is a great bag and am very happy that I spent the money to get something with such good quality.

  • Ray Fassihi - Did not really cover what it should.

    I have a older version Legal software of different brand and it has more contracts than this one. I got this to try and update the technology.due to updated Windows.