Magnetic Therapy | BioMagnetic Sports - BioMagnetic Sports is a leading supplier of Magnetic Therapy supports we supply Magnetic Wrist Support, Magnetic Back Support, Magnetic Knee Support, Back Pain Relief & Natural Pain Relief that may relieve ailments like arthritis and back pain.

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  • Magnetic Back Support | BioMagnetic Sport - The Magnetic Back Support Belt supports your injured back with the added benefit of 20 strategically placed therapeutic magnets to increase circulation.
  • Magnetic Knee Support | BioMagnetic Sport - The Bio Magnetic Knee Support provides excellent support to your injured knee while giving the added benefit of 16 strategically placed therapeutic magnets.
  • Magnetic Ankle Support | BioMagnetic Sport - The Bio Magnetic Ankle Support gives your ankle the support it needs while offering the added benefit of therapeutic magnets.
  • Magnetic Elbow Support | BioMagnetic Sport - The BioMagnetic Sport Elbow Support gives your injured elbow support for recovery with the added benefit of 12 therapeutic magnets.
  • Magnetic Wrist Support | BioMagnetic Sport - BioMagnetic Wrist Support gives support to your wrist with the added benefit of 6 therapeutic magnets to increase peripheral circulation.
  • Magnetic Muscle Wrap | BioMagnetic Sport - The Bio Magnetic Muscle Wrap is a versatile wrap designed to fit a number of painful trouble spots with the added benefit of embedded therapeutic magnets.
  • Magnetic Bracelet (Therapy Band) | BioMagnetic Sport - The Magnetic Bracelet (therapy band) is stylish yet functional, with 6 therapeutic magnets embedded in the band for better relief.
  • Moulded Reflex Soles | BioMagnetic Sport - The Moulded Reflex Soles have the magnetic technology of our reflex sole mixed with our ongoing initiative to provide the body with better support.
  • Magnetic Gel Reflex Soles | BioMagnetic Sport - The magnetic gel reflex soles are the perfect fit for most shoes and can be worn all day, giving you a reflexology treatment all day.
  • Magnetic Reflex Soles | BioMagnetic Sport - The original Bio Magnetic Reflex Soles offer a reflexology treatment all day long with their embedded therapeutic magnets.
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  • Gary Hickok - Good enough for me!

    Works real good in my barn/shop window. It is beating out a motor turning actual professional antenna! Wow, how good is that?

  • manhattanville - Garbage

    Garbage. The swiffer handle broke after just four uses, at the green acrylic joint. I have a 200sqft apartment and the wipe doesn't even last for half of that before it's just pushing dirt around - this is with daily cleaning. Don't buy it.

  • Samantha - A Little Goes a Long Way

    I am 41 years old and experience severe PMDD and estrogen dominance. This stuff has been a Godsend for me. The directions say to use 1/4 tsp twice a day from cycle days 12 - 26. I literally use 1/8 tsp (if that) once a day. Within 3 days I already felt better. In fact, I think I felt better the very next day! And when I say felt better, I mean I wasn't a raging lunatic wanting to punch and hit everyone who spoke to me! I only side effect I really had initially was nausea. But I read that if you have nausea after stating a real progesterone cream, it just goes to show you are producing too much estrogen (the nausea is estrogen's way of saying 'get out of here progesterone!'). In any case, if you're not sure, start small. I'm glad I found this product (it was one of the ones that Dr. Lee recommends as well). This is also a great link about the stuff:

  • L. Cox - Another excellent Longmire book

    It is everything I've come to expect in the series, folksy Western humor , twisting plot full of interesting characters , and a lot of action and further development of the main characters. Very cool read!