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  • On Appreciation | Greyhawk's Meanderings - There are a lot of things that determine job satisfaction in this world. One of the most important things is simple appreciation for the work that you do.
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  • Bill Ison - Rental

    This is a rental book. The top right corner of the hardback was bent but the text itself is unmarked. I use this for tutoring class although I believe there are better Geometry text books available.

  • Amazon Customer - Poor reception, worse than expected.

    I love the look of the stubby antenna and the fact it doesnt get in the way if things or catch branches, but the reception is horrible. I knew it would be bad but it was much worse than expected. So if you want to actually listen to the radio, I would not buy this item.

  • D. Surman - The only make-up my face will tolerate

    I never write these things--they all sound info-mercially to me and I basically believe that 95% of positive reviews are paid. That being said--i love this stuff. I originally got it as a sample from Sephora a little over a year ago and it's really the best product for my skin. I've tried every primer/bb cream/whatever they're calling it now, and for my skin (very sensitive, prone to breakouts, etc). And normally, if I try anything new on my skin, I'll know within half a day if it's a good product for me--my skin will become super oily, I'll break out under the foundation, all the things you'd not want to happen. I actually stopped using all foundation/bb creams until this little sample--I was only using a clinique power that was not helping me do anything other than say mostly matte all day.

  • N. Weaver - Not for me

    This is going straight to the thrift store. I have the WiiFit program, and after enjoying its dance routines, was hoping to find something a little more advanced in the Just Dance 2015. My mistake. There is no usable tutorial that I can find. If you don't pick up complicated dance moves quickly, you're out of luck, and the graphics do nothing to help that I can ascertain. Where is the dance program that will actually lead you through the learning process and then build on that with more advanced moves?