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  • Michael Sands - Turns D- cabinets into a C+ or better.

    If you have dull, faded cabinets with scratches, worn off finish, gouges and other damage, it will make the problems much less noticeable but cannot work miracles. In areas without damage, the product really can restore an old finish the look almost new.

  • Denise - This stuff works great

    Many of the mechanics I know and trust recommend this stuff. It helped revive a dying Lumina I drove for a couple years. And buying in bulk is the smart way to do it. Use it as one of the quarts of oil every third oil change.

  • Natalie - but I do feel a lot better, worth it

    Made my stomach hurt and tired. but I do feel a lot better, worth it. Still working on doing the rest just have to go through the upsetting process.

  • Linda Stevenson - QuickBooks for Mac

    I have been very disappointed with this product. At first I could not even transfer my PC files over to it. My husband did an Internet search for help and finally ended up calling the company for help. They walked him through a very lengthy tedious process of transferring the files (I had four companies' files that I wanted to). Two of the transfers worked; two did not. Then, when I looked at one of the companies whose transfers worked, I found that none of my memorized reports had been saved. It looks like I will only be able to use QuickBooks on the old PC that I saved if I want to access the information, because it certainly isn't available to me on the Mac.