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  • Joy Young - Awesome!

    I know through my personal experience that this anti-aging serum is awesome! I like everything about it – the serum’s texture, formula and results it gives my eye contour area!

  • ekraterf - Great Product for a variaty of skin types

    I have been using this for years so no surprises that its as good as always. Amazon has a great price so i was happy to save a few dollars. It has a thick rich texture and makes my skin feel soft and supple and young. Its scented with lavender which isn't my favorite but it works so well i can look past the old lady smell.

  • Lily Pop - Fair Skinned Beauty Looking For The Perfect Wrinkle Cream

    I ordered this product a few months ago, because I was desperately looking for a wrinkle cream (at a reasonable price) to get rid of my one line in my forehead (sounds pathetic I know). I'm in my 20s and started paying more attention to my face. I recently noticed a line in my forehead that I was not familiar with and it kinda bugged me. Actually, no. It REALLY bugged me!!! I did my research on Amazon and came across this wrinkle cream. Good reviews at a pretty good price. Great! I ordered it. Here is my review:

  • john krayacich - No such luck!

    This did not work at all! Same smell as moth balls which were much cheaper to buy. But in the end, did not distract the Black Racers & Rat Snakes from living in my backyard. I will not purchase this product ever again.

  • CFam - Colorful book filled with images that are appealing to youngsters

    We just got this book today, and my 2 yo son loves it! We have other books from the author, so I knew the style/pictures are such that my son really enjoys looking at them. My son loves to point out pictures and have us tell him what it is, and I really do feel this will help him learn to talk more. I do like that the book is very colorful, so I am able to teach him colors as well. Another great book by Roger Priddy!