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  • H. Patterson - Best glue ever! Forget the gorilla or e6000 this rocks!

    I love this glue and use it for all sorts of different applications. Leather, glass, metal, fabric, wood! It sticks and the best way you can use it is to let it sit for a couple of minutes before pressing together then it needs to cure over night or a few hours and it is amazingly stuck! Clear and easy to clean up. I love this adhesive!

  • Kate McDaniel - Next Exit must have.

    This book is indispensable when traveling by interstate highways. Easy-to-use and makes planning future trips great for gas, rest, & service stops. They need another one to cover major State highways.

  • Melissa P - Great lightweight pedals for the price

    I received the pedals quickly and without damage. The original platform pedals that came with my Giant Mountain Bike were a combination of resin centers with a metal outer cage and cro-moly shafts. The pedals were OK but as I pushed the bike more and more, the pedals seemed to flex a little under my weight (200) and I needed a stronger pedal for safety. These Imrider pedals are great for the money! They are lightweight and the screw foot pegs bite into my trail shoes I wear when biking for a secure feel. The pedals are just as wide as my original pedals (standard width), but more of your foot "length" is supported by the Imrider pedals. Just remember, if you ever have to get off your bike to walk it a bit, there's a chance that you can brush your calf up against a pedal and the screw foot pegs really take a bite out of exposed soft skin. Other than that, these pedals are great for someone who wants to still keep their mountain bike with platform pedals. It's best to have a very thin 15mm wrench when assembling these pedals to your bike and some light grease. A standard Crescent wrench is just too thick. So are most box end wrenches. If you don't know anyone with a regular pedal wrench to borrow, it's best to buy an inexpensive 15mm open end wrench and grind it down thin so you can get it on the pedal flats between the pedal and the crank. I received these at a discount for an unbiased review

  • chraland51 - It installed very easily. I had one on my 2010 version of ...

    This fuel filler cover unit really dresses up my new Jeep Wrangler Sahara Unlimited. It installed very easily. I had one on my 2010 version of the same vehicle. I do not know why this can not come as a standard item. My two concerns are that the quality seems to just a little less than the one I put on my recently traded 2010 and there is some rotational play with this one that I did not seem to have with the previous one for my 2010. I do not think that the slight rotation will hurt anything, but I will consciously have to be careful not to slam the door after filling up my tank.

  • JACK L. - Great Filter

    I've been using K&N filters for years now and never had a problem. K&N makes good quality product that might be slightly more expansive compare to others. I think it's worth the x-tra $$.