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  • Readyreader - Serenity Series will be AWESOME!!

    Loved this intro to what's waiting on us in Serenity. Jamar is a genius and his grandma is hilarious. All the other characters are an added bonus. The party has started and we're waiting on the guest of honor, "Holden". Bring it!

  • Lollyshop - Great deal on hard to find regular strength Tylenol.

    Regular strength Tylenol is hard to find where i live. These are even in gel form. The pills are pretty large, but not a problem for me. Great deal!

  • Erik Taylor - Pollution

    Calling it "disturbing to watch" is a euphemism for entertainment turned to pathology. Graphic depictions of murder designed to break survivors down into slaves has left the realm of entertainment and become an exercise in degradation. Sure, it's a gory monster show, but at what point do you stop dredging up the worst products of a sick imagination? I was a fan, but TWD has veered from gripping to polluting. What's next? graphic rape? explicit torture? There's plenty of real horror in the world; watching it for entertainment is just another type of sickness.