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  • DebJ - Best roach spray

    Best roach spray! It gets into all the crack and crevices, I spray all around the outside of my house a couple of times a year and the day after I see dead roaches everywhere. Well worth the price!


    Sadly, for me, film seemed bent on point of who Heracules was? Son of Zeus? or mortal? For me, I have known the myth all of my life, know that Herculues is son of Zeus and thus enemy of Hera. To have him come to the aid of a place that is devoted to Hera and expect it to work out was more unbelievable than whether he was a demigod. In Medieval Christendom, Heraules is a forerunner of Christ.

  • Gregory - Hard to believe how good this product is

    My only complaint about this product is that I prefer the smell of the sandalwood scented version. This shaving cream lathers up like nobody's business, particularly if you have a good badger's brush to aid in the process. From then on, even a dull razoblade will glide across your face. This is one of those products that, once a man has tried it, becomes the standard against which any future shaving will be measured. This is one of those products that I cannot do without.


    Once again, Suzanne sits down with us and gives us the straight dope on what's in the stars for us in the coming year. It's like having astrology chat with a trusted can just imagine how much fun you'd have sitting with her and sipping champagne in the afternoon!

  • Gretchen - Confused about reviews of Omega XL

    I've been reading these testimonies and they are not very favorable!!! I question this??? Why so many negative reviews?? Wow!! Then the reviews mention snake oil?? Oh really? On TV they say pure fish oil from the pristine waters!!!? The product sounds great on TV but then when you read the reviews.... It makes stop and think? Why is the product so expensive?? Wondering what to do??!

  • Granny GP - Drawing app could be a lot better

    Bought this for two year old grand child, mainly for the drawing app it comes with so she won't bug me to play with my kindle fire. Several pros and cons. The cons are - no guidebook is provided. Booting up the pad takes a little too long. The pad comes preloaded with games one needs to figure out with little help. When the pad is held by a child, if her fingers are touching the screen area in the drawing app, the pad will not draw until she stops touching the screen with her other hand. This means she cannot hold the pad and draw at the same time.The screen gives delayed display of what the child is drawing - there is a lag until she can see what she is drawing. This occurs with the stylus or her fingers. The selection pad on the right is a scroll selection of drawing tools. I found the scrolling to be too fast, that part of the screen is too sensitive. There is no clear button to clear a drawing. There are few apps available for purchase for the toddler age group.

  • Michelle Lynn - So many uses, no more odors.

    I love this stain and odor remover by Nature's Miracle. They make a lot of good products. We have been buying this product for a while to clean up after our pets, but we normally buy the spray bottle, which is, I think, 1/4 the volume. This large bottle came at a much more affordable price. We just kept our old spray bottle and have been refilling it with this gallon bottle.