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  • Never again - Shoddy quality & forever disillusioned with Ray-Ban/Luxottica service

    After purchasing this pair of sunglasses, I’ve sworn off all Ray-Bans, and, by extension, all sunglasses produced by Luxottica. After a year of ownership, while sitting in the original case, in luggage, the lens cracked, propagating from the top of the frame – clearly a manufacturer’s defect. When I sent them into Luxottica (which owns Ray-Ban), they denied warranty service. Any attempts to contact customer service (phone and email) was met by the rote “a trained technician has deemed your eyewear non-defective.” In the end, all they did was ship the broken sunglasses back to me. Amazon, however, graciously let me return them, even a year after purchase; so if you insist on buying Luxottica/Ray-Ban products of dubious workmanship, at least do it on Amazon.

  • John Pozatron - Creepy toe socks? Muscle compression? Yes please

    The compression is legit. I can further creep people out by wearing knee-highs with my 'toe shoes' or 'weird finger water shoes'

  • SahilTheGreat - Great TV

    I got this TV at my local Best Buy. This TV looks awesome. A 1080p, 32 inch TV is great. My only regret is that I didn't get anything bigger. This TV is a recommended buy

  • Heather Freeman - I really wondered if these things worked. I finished ...

    I really wondered if these things worked. I finished a bottle of them on Saturday. Needless to say, I just ordered another bottle....I've wanted to eat the world without them. I don't ever need to be without these pills...They give me energy, curb my appetite, and help me make it through long work days.

  • That Sam I Am - Very Good Item

    Its wonderful. It fits on my dryer and is very strong. It does not pull my hair out. It cleans super easily. I love the red & black color.

  • Autumn Casey - Not the right specs for amplifier being sold!

    Description says 0 gauge inputs. When I received it. It only take 4 or 2 Gauge wire! Bummed because I bought 0 gauge wire. Also can't strap with master slave because it doesn't have that either. So the features and specs aren't correct. I'm trying to decide if I should use it or return it. Because it's not what I was told I was purchasing. :(