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  • Kelsey - I feel so good driving with my kids in car seat as safe ...

    I feel so good driving with my kids in car seat as safe as this. even though yes this car seat is incredibly heavy and difficult at first to install, the extra effort is more than worth it. I now have two for my two children under 3 and I should be able to fit a third one across if ever necessary because they're not too wide. Overall very happy with this car seat and I think the fact that I bought a second for my second child shows how much I love it and trust it.

  • Chris - Fresh Cab Didn't Work for Me

    I bought this (locally, not from Amazon) about a week ago because I have mice in my 2010 Subaru. I used the 4 packets of Fresh Cab in the car (two in the front, one in the back seat and one in the back of the Outback) for 4 days and caught 3 mice on glue traps during those 4 days. [Since I stopped using Fresh Cab, I've caught 2 more mice.]

  • jawbreaker - Turned my screaming monster into sleeping beauty.

    I love this car seat. For the first six months of my son's life I listened to him screaming until he hyperventilated everytime we rode in the car. I eventually just stopped going places, as I had tried everything (mirrors, toys, video devices, feeding before driving, not feeding before driving, driving when sleepy, driving when wide awake) to get him to enjoy car rides. It was such a stressful time. He was a very small baby ( under the 1st percentile) so I was hesitant to switch to a convertible from an infant seat. I am so glad I did. The maxi cosi is sleek (for a car seat) seems comfy, easy to clean, and my child either sits in it peacefully and looks around, or falls asleep which is a far cry from his former "gotta make sure it sounds like I'm being tortured" self. The tiny fit made the transition simple and less intimidating for my small baby. If I have another child I will most likely skip the infant seat all together and go straight to the Maxi Cosi. This car seat has quite literally made my days as a mom much happier. It also fits well enough in my Prius. The front seat is pushed up a but more than I would like if I had a passenger, but that's a trade off I'm happy to make for a peaceful drive.

  • Phishrman - Best stuff around!

    I have an old house and barn that has a lot of trees around it. Moss and mildew has grown on many areas of both buildings. I was hesitant to power wash them because of the possible damage it could cause. I read the reviews about this product and thought it could be a good solution if it actually worked. I bought it and filled up my weed sprayer with the required amount. I then went and applied it to all of the areas that had moss and mildew. I didn't do anything else. Literally the next day I saw the moss and mildew disappearing. As the days went on all of the areas continued to improve until finally it was all gone. It only took about two weeks until it was all gone. It has been four months now and none of the moss or mildew has grown back. There has been no need from me to reapply the product. This stuff is the best!

  • Ray-Jay - Good OEM Package.. "However"

    The merchant provided the kit faster than expected he get's an "Atta Boy"..!! The Chrysler kit will drive you crazy installing it if you are not actually paying attention to detail. I will break it down as to problems encountered. Since I am an FAA airframe and power plant mechanic I tend to be anal retentive about things. Here we go..


    It is difficult to condense 3 weeks of racing into just 12 hours... To solve that issue make them 16 or 24 hours... Disc #1 is stages 1 through 11... Are you kidding me??? Each stage narrative begins with like 10 miles remaining.. ZERO depth in the analysis. No rider profiles and only a scant few second of the French TV car carnage.... ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? Yes I want to see the grueling climbing stages in their entirety but you need to tell me more about who the characters are and how they got there....

  • J. McLemore - Even my momma likes this album

    This album is incredible. The more I listen to it, the more I love it. I mean, from the first listen I was in love but it gets even better with repeated listens. Huge replay value. It's an album that talks about real things but is never boring. He does it so seemingly effortlessly. Usually I don't like rap albums where the rapper sings or does most of the hooks, but here it just works. This is my favorite rap album of 2014. Which is hard for me to say because it was a great year for rap. Before I heard this, RAOTY was between Pinata, PTSD, RTJ2, The Water[s], Searching Sylvan. This took the spot because nothing is realer. Cole is so relatable. Production is smooth as well.