Dr. John O'Mahony - Sharing our expertise to empower you. - Dr. Sean Peterson is a Family Medicine physician who practices Family, Emergency, and Addiction Medicine. He holds an appointment as an Investigating Coroner with the Office of the Chief Coroner of Ontario.

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  • http://drjohnomahony.com/list-cancers-taken-immunotherapy-keeps-growing/ The list of cancers being taken down by immunotherapy keeps growing - New immunotherapy drugs are showing significant and extended effectiveness against a broadening range of cancers, including rare and intractable tumours often caused by viruses.
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  • Rod D. Sherwin - This really works, the earlier the better.

    This works. It is expensive but it works. Make absolutely certain that you follow the instructions, particularly the amount of product to use for each application. I would say there are about three applications per ounce.

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    I like this product and have been unable to find it in any local stores. I did think it was a bit expensive compared to what I originally paid for it in the store, but I really like the product and I am glad to be able to find it.

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    I read just phony reviews. This product didn't work at all. I exercise 5 to 6 days a week. I won't recommend to spend your money on this .

  • Erin Naudin - Worked for me

    I recently had a baby and used a different product during my pregnancy only ended up with two stretch marks on my belly. I received this as trial when i bought two nursing bras and decided to try it. I have only been using it for a few days and i see a MAJOR difference in the lightness my stretchmarks. It also makes them smaller in appearance and has helped to make them not look so wrinkly. I will use this after my next baby for sure. :)