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  • sardy - I have purchased many fine books from Amazon. Sadly this is not one of them.

    Mr Bernardi seems to take an unseemly interest in the familial relationships, sexual preferences and religious beliefs of others. Apparently he must have skipped past the sections of the Bible that spoke of tolerance and forgiveness as he fails to demonstrate either character trait. Therefore it falls to the rest of us to try to tolerate his small mindedness and religious bigotry. After all we're better than that aren't we?

  • Jack - Are you kidding? Of course it doesn't work.

    My wife and I tried it. We are both in our late 40's. Didn't do a damn thing for either of us. A total waste of money. We didn't actually expect it to work - my wife teaches chemistry and biology at UCLA - but we wanted to be sure. Crap. Total crap. If you buy this stuff you deserve to get screwed. We cancelled and did NOT pay the insane $189 and when they dragged their feet about refunding us, we threatened to sue (and meant it) and were quickly refunded.

  • Blessed Tennessean - Save your money

    My husband and I have been on it for a month. No benefits. Hubby has a cold. First time in over a year. I have a rash on the back of my ankles, back of arms and upper back. Kinda like hives, which I have never had. I plan to try and get my money back. I agree with other reviews, the people who sell it have made it an idol. It consumes them. Save your money and get a good multi vitamin and eat some fruit and veggies.