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  • https://hepatitisc.net/what-is/ What is Hepatitis C? - HepatitisC.net - Hepatitis C is a blood borne virus that causes inflammation and injury to the liver. Approximately 2.7 million people in the US are living with chronic HCV.
  • https://hepatitisc.net/living-with-hep-c/ Living With Hepatitis C - HepatitisC.net - Understanding how hepatitis C is transmitted, risk, prevention, and lifestyle changes.
  • https://hepatitisc.net/diagnosis/ Hepatitis C Diagnosis and Testings - HepatitisC.net - Hepatitis C is diagnosed using blood tests to measure antibodies to HCV, and then confirmed with tests to detect the presence of the virus.
  • https://hepatitisc.net/symptoms/ Hepatitis C Symptoms and Early Signs - HepatitisC.net - The symptoms of chronic Hepatitis C can include fatigue, joint pain, muscle aches, fever, decreased appetite, nausea and vomiting.
  • https://hepatitisc.net/treatment/ Treatment for Hepatitis C - HepatitisC.net - Chronic hepatitis C is managed with counseling, diet, symptom management, screening, vaccination, and antiviral drug treatment.
  • https://hepatitisc.net/living/treating-earlier-is-more-cost-effective/ Treating Hepatitis C Earlier Is More Cost Effective - HepatitisC.net - Treating a hepatitis C infection early can often be less costly than treating an infection later on, after other symptoms and damage has occurred. 
  • https://hepatitisc.net/living/the-role-of-community/ The Role of Community - HepatitisC.net - Exploring the role of people who have lived experience with hepatitis C in the HCV community. 
  • https://hepatitisc.net/living/blood-donation/ Blood Donation and Hepatitis C - HepatitisC.net - There are regulations about donating blood if you have ever been diagnosed with hepatitis C.
  • https://hepatitisc.net/living/symptoms-hair-loss/ Hepatitis C Symptoms – Hair Loss - HepatitisC.net - Individuals with hepatitis C undergoing an interferon treatment regimen may notice that hair has become thinner or breaks off easily.

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