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  • Getting Your Life Back after Herpes - After your get the diagnosis of herpes the worst part for many isn’t just the pain, or possible embarrassment. It’s figuring out how to move on, and live your
  • Ways of Treating Herpes - Ways of Treating Herpes - The most effective herpes treatments for combating the symptoms of herpes infection. In 1991, the American Social Health
  • Herpes Diagnosis: How to Get Tested for Herpes - Here are the tests that are very essential for a person to know if he or she is infected with the herpes virus. Because Herpes is a serious disease which is

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  • Bill Haynes - It took me by surprise

    I had tried the Beta version but uninstalled that and went back to Word 2002, which I swore by. I decided to try the final release and was pleasantly surprised. I am working on a brand new book, and now I can find reference material with one mouse click. I have had no headaches at all with this fresh release. I am not impressed with the upgraded "find" feature but other than that once you learn how to navigate it is smooth sailing. Even changing template size on a document was easier than before. If there is any drawback to this latest version it is the new file format. Most publishers still ask for doc. files, which means using compatibility mode or saving as a doc file. They do suggest not saving old doc files in the new mode and they are correct. The formatting is ruined when you try that. There are also some new features that you cannot use while working in compatibility mode. I am finding Word 2010 to be quite an improvement over all. Two things I will share from experience. You have to entirely remove the Beta version to install from CD. It is also best to open Word first and then select your old doc file. Sometimes when you just click on a doc file it will open in read-only mode.

  • R. Williams - glue it down

    WOW.....just...WOW..this is the ..s**$T.. really great I used it on my metle railing that was..was being help in place with brick. I put some at all points loose. and it does not move... I didnt know that it "blew" up as it did ..exspands and think I used far to much. but now know not to use so much.. I am going around my house looking..wishing I fins something else that calls for this stuff.. will get again no question

  • James Hines - Great! No back biting; just a remarkable love story for the ages.

    The truest version (I've found) of a rearkable love story that will live on as long as I Love Lucy reruns exist. Definitely well worth the read.

  • Brian - Highly recommended.

    Great value outlet tester. I tested it against some of my own outlets as I set them up to see whether this Sperry outlet tester would come with the correct diagnostic. Sure enough, every single time. This is a great tool wether you're a seasoned electrician or just a home owner who's maybe run into some minor problems with your old or new outlets.

  • Meng Qi - Rip off

    Like many users have commented, this program charges you for calculating taxes, and keeps asking you to upgrade. Avoid it.

  • CrzGzr - Excellent Soap

    I bought this for a yeasty rash I had due to several rounds of antibiotics. It worked immediately and the relief was wonderful. Another member of our family has an allergic reaction to milk and a small exposure can result in a harsh case of seborrheic eczema. This soap provides relief and helps it heal faster. I am happy with this purchase.