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  • ilataN - It really works !

    When my son was a newborn he has some pretty bad diaper rash. The pediatrician gave us a RX but I didn't want to go that route. We tried about 4 other diaper creams and non of them worked to heal the diaper rash. Recommended by a friend I tried it and it took only 3 days for the diaper rash to go away. We haven't had any issues with diaper rash again. I also like the size since it lasts a really long time. My son is almost 1 and we are only on the second jar of this cream. Great addition to a at home diaper station.

  • Edmond D. Quesada - Great little player

    I like this player. Its simple to use, compact and seems pretty sturdy. It does take a little time to learn. Use the pause/play button to power up.

  • acatlover8 - Checkbook Registers

    Because I almost always use my debit card instead of writing checks, I find myself running out of check registers. I have checked every local supply store, and no one had them. On to the internet. I did my search and went to several sites. This was the least expensive of the places I found. They arrived quickly and exactly as I wanted. Will absolutely order from here again!

  • Art K. - Five Stars

    Another brilliant and insightful book by Malcolm Nance! A must read for anyone interested in cyberwarfare.