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  • A Maze On Line - Not Full Proof

    Firstly, what you get is a plastic card (no CD) with an authorization code. You get on the net, setup an account or use an existing McAfee site account, input your code and you're ready to download to the PC. They keep tabs so you can download on 3 PCs. I buy several of these 3 license McAfees and keep severl PC/laptops updated in our small office. Even with McAfee, recently one of the laptops was affected by virus and had to be totally cleaned out by a PC shop I use. BTW, these are plain old simple office work type PCs using Healthcare sites; some don't even use e-mails. My point is McAfee is not totally safe.

  • Patricia A. - Let me just say that I have been really disappointed with this car seat

    Ugh, highly overrated. We have a Maxi Cosi Pria for our toddler but because that seat is quite wide, I was looking for a narrower car seat to compensate the width of the Pria, so that we can have access to the third row when we have family over, or sit 3 across in the future.

  • Chaplain America - 2013 Hess Toy Truck & Tractor

    This was just what Santa ordered! Hess does not disappoint with their variation and creativity. Our boys' (and friend's) eyes lit up when they opened them!

  • dtrudy - LOVE LOVE eSALON.............They now have a very happy new Customer :)

    I am puzzled by all the negative reviews? I have had a wonderful experience with this product and all the things in the package to do a professional job on my hair. First let me say, I hate coloring my hair. It is a long and tedious job. In my financial hay day, I always went to a stylist to have my hair done. I am 50 now and unable to work because I am raising my 3 grandsons, so money is tight. I have been coloring for 35 years, premature gray and experimental. So now I have about 40% gray and because I hate coloring, I avoid it as long as possible and wear my hair in a ponytail. I am naturally a dark brunet with red highlights. Well if I do not buy an ash colored brown, I end up looking like I have had a copper explosion on the top of my head (the gray roots). Well the store bought ash medium or dark brown did not hardly even color the gray. Very lightly and lasting only a week or two. So when I placed my order with eSalon, I was specific as to what I wanted and expected from the coverage. I followed their instructions to a tee and my hair came out magnificent. My gray is covered and looks ever so slightly like salon highlights. I colored it 3 days ago and it I will not know how long the color will last and how long the gray stays covered. Taking into consideration of the new growth of course. I would definitely recommend eSalon. You have nothing to loose, full money back guarantee or new formulation of your color request will be sent to you. On a final note, the day I colored I had a Doctor's appointment, so dressed nice and put on make up. When my husband of 28 years came home and saw me, and I quote "Damn baby you look like you did when met". I went to the Doctor (female) she told how fabulous I looked also. LOVE eSalon :)

  • Kelly E. Hayes - Xbox 1 = life changer in playing/purchasing media and games and enjoying it.

    Great console. I have always loved xbox and have every other xbox through time. They really did build an amazing feature and with the many new updates to the system it is even better. I dont use the kinect that much because when I get home I dont want to speak to my system or move my arms lol. It does however work very well and works well in small rooms as well.

  • Expat Hawaiian - Sole F80

    Like many others who have posted, I performed due diligence before I bought. I eventually purchased from Dick's Sporting Goods since they sold me the treadmill for $1400 with free delivery to my upstairs rec room 12 steps. They charged $74 for assembly which I took them up on. Glad I did, but I am sure I could have done it myself without major issues. The guys told me that they do hear about people who pinch the wires as they secure the handle covers. The trick they showed me is to ensure that the wires are routed around little metal posts in the handle to prevent the pinching before putting the handle covers on. For those reading this who are thinking about buying the machine, click on to get an idea of the assembly steps if you are unsure about doing it yourself. Delivery folks were friendly, efficient, and prompt to the hour.