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  • Christian J. Colton - Ignore the fan boys, this is a fundamentally boring game.

    This is an exceptionally boring game. Forget the tired, standardized dungeon-crawling storyline, forget the amateur voice work (seriously, did they actually pay these people?), forget the outdated graphics. The game play itself is unbelievably dull. The first few hours can be fun, but the honeymoon quickly wears off. The combat is point and click, occasionally pressing a few buttons for a special attack or a potion. Leveling up is relegated to only a few stats, with one only really worth upgrading for each class. Finding weapons and armor is amazingly uneventful. "Rare" items are barely any better than common ones, so you increase your character's armor and damage very slowly.

  • Amazon Customer - Never a disappointment with a TS or SEAL 16 book!

    I LOVE IZZY! I mean, who doesn't? Suz Brockmann has an amazing ability to define a character and pull you into the story. I honestly feel like I know these characters personally. Anything Suz Brockmann writes, I'm going to read!

  • Nicholas B. Clark - Looks exactly like the picture

    Perfect, looks exactly like the picture. My son is 32inches tall and weighs 27pounds and it fit him perfect