Bert Feddema - A product of science and technology - "A product of science and technology" I graduated in 1993 from the Minerva art School in Groningen. After graduation I became fascinated by science and by the world of multinationals. Since, I have developed and founded m

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  • Bert Feddema - Look (at) inside me. - Since I''m sick I personally experiencing the science and art of the flesh itself. I am scanned, photographed inside and my body is decompose in numbers and values. These numbers have beauty of themselves. They are beautiful and very distant.

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  • Linda Eirz - This is a must read and an excellent book for your library

    I began reading this book from my library and decided to buy through Amazon. This is a must read and an excellent book for your library. If anyone has a problem with acid reflux (GERD), this book will save you from wasting your money on over-the-counter acid suppressors which do no good. Read this book and get to the root cause of the problem and fix it for good! Invest in yourself, buy this book and read then implement exactly what this medical doctor says and you will get results.!

  • Tim Gordon - Looks good

    First came broken but it was shipped international. Second one came quick. No issues. Mounted well and looks great.

  • John P. Estes - A god send of relief from open wound pain and outstanding healing properties.

    After suffering from bedsores from being confined to a recliner due to back problems and only getting up for 5 minute periods every 2-3 hours, the nurses advised me to apply a vaseline cover with a gauzed pad changed daily. I on had read about this product on Google.I then proceeded to research further and found it on Amazon with glowing reviews. So I purchased a container and used it in place of the vaseline and I had tried vaseline one time and didn't feel it was doing anything, were after the first application of this, relieved from the pain and soothing of the silver dollar size open wounds started immediately. I continued to use it for several weeks, changing out daily the gauze coverings and it has almost completely healed, given me pain relief during the healing process and not made a vaseline like mess and absorbed into the wound rather than just cover it over. I'm so thankful I found this product, although a little expensive, a little has gone a long ways and it has done all it claims to due and I am still using must first purchased, it goes a long ways. If you have any open wounds or beginning ones appear I would apply this immediately if not for the pain relief alone. Its healing properties are remarkable as well.

  • momxs3 - great mind boost

    After using this product for only ONE WEEK so far, the results and affects have been absolutely outstanding. I am able to focus much more clearly on tasks that need to be done throughout the day, and I also have a much more clear train of thought. I have been willing and open to try a lot of different products to improve my focus and clarity, memory, this product seems to do all of that. There is no buzzed feeling(you shouldn't feel that way anyway) Baically you don't really feel any different except for the fact that your mind doesn't wander off and your not as easily distracted but random things. Works great to help you stay focused and on task as you complete everything you need to get done thought out the day. I've been through quite a few different supplements and vitamins in the last year alone looking for something that works and this does. I did receive this product at a discount in exchange for an honest review.

  • Harold J. Plamjack - Scratch fix(x)

    My first and only, thus far, fix was on my BMW wagon. It was scratched by a careless person operating a grocery cart where I was shopping.

  • Amazon Customer - Not as good as I hoped.

    This compuer is pretty slow. Loses connection with wlan. Was able to gain some speed by deleting McAfee. NOTE: You cannot do this: Memory:: (Memory RAM Expandable To 8 GB) . No. The RAM is built in. There is no expansion slot.

  • miniMAX - Useless Product, AVOID!

    This is my 1st time reviewing a product because this one is so terrible that I have to, IT LEAVES WATER STAINS EVERYWHERE AFTER USING IT!!!! I trusts amazon reviews and it turns out to be true at most cases but definitely NOT THIS ONE!!! IT IS A JOKE!!! WORST CLEANER EVER!!! WATER IS BETTER THAN THIS JUNK!! BE AWARE!!!