Huntington Memorial Hospital | Huntington Hospital - Huntington Memorial Hospital, a 625-bed non-profit, community-focused regional medical center, is located in Pasadena, CA. 15 minutes from downtown Los Angeles. We are the only hospital in the San Gabriel Valley with a Level II Trauma Center and a Level III NICU.

  • Community Services | Huntington Hospital - Our Community Outreach programs focus on health education and prevention, reaching outside the hospital walls into our neighborhoods. This is accomplished by nurses and health educators who provide free classes, clinics, health counseling, screenings, and seasonal flu vaccinations.
  • About Us | Huntington Hospital - For over 117 years - Since 1892 - Huntington Memorial Hospital has provided quality, uninterrupted healthcare to the residents of the San Gabriel Valley and beyond.
  • The Huntington Hospital Cancer Center | Huntington Hospital - The Huntington Hospital Cancer Center delivers state-of-the-art diagnostic capabilities and leading-edge treatment options as well as care coordination and emotional support services to patients with a cancer diagnosis.

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    Excellent episode!!! All those complaining really don't get this show!!! This show has been about survival since episode one. Humans, especially evil ones are more than capable of doing what Negan did. He needed to break Rick and deliver his message loud and clear. It has always been like this since the cave men. Those offended by the amazing level of realism of this Season opener should just quit and go watch Family Guy or some comedy. If we are to imagine how would a post apocalyptic human behavior be while trying to stay alive in a survival of the fittest scenario, this episode is very good at showing how bad guys would behave. It would NOT be pretty. There are no Zombies in Syria or Iraq and Isis is doing worst things on daily basis. Five Stars for the level of realism and for amazing acting. Whoever thinks a post apocalyptic scenario with Zombies and such would be just about hope and being immune to the actions of evil men really don't understand humanity and should probably read a few history books.

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    It started out slow, but I love how you flushed out the various characters. It has most definitely caught my attention. Love the centipedes. Looking forward to the next book. Also I plan on reading some of your other books.