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  • Kay M. - very strange, runny, not the same shadow primer

    I bought this product from ULTA and it was waaaaay different/better than the one I received from here. the consistency is super 'liquiddy' and it feels like i put lotion on my lids rather than primer :/ very skeptical, and not saying as fact, but it is so different than the same exact one I get at Ulta that I feel they had filled this tube with something other than too faced shadow primer.. from the very beginning at times when i unscrew the lid, the top tube (supposed to be attached) falls off, so it is very well possible. I was very disappointed in the product as I was very excited to get a genuine refill of the shadow primer i had been used to.


    I had this delivered to my US address then forwarded to me in Australia - mainly because Kaspersky like to rip Australians off by trying to charge far higher prices locally. However when I installed it and tried to enter the product key, I got an error message to say that the key applied to the US only. There had been no prior warning of this. Fortunately, I was able eventually to figure out a work-around.

  • Flash Bandicoot - No support for new OS, but have lots of excuses

    My wife bought one of these about two years ago. During that time there has been essentially one revision of Windows, going from 7 to 8/8.1. Do you think maybe it would work on 8.1? No, it won't even load, and according to the FAQ on their website, because Windows 8 postdates the product, they won't support it and essentially say that you are out of luck, or that you can pay us a bunch of money to upgrade. If the pattern holds, it won't run on Windows 10 later this year since that post dates their current version. Look for that excuse on their FAQ later this year. No other vendor behaves this way. There are other products to buy.

  • Drew Stimmel - BadA*S

    How rad is this thing?! Blows the stock antenna out of the water. I have noticed little to no loss of reception, only in parking garages and under longer tunnels and bridges. Overall, hell yes! BUY IT!

  • Tracy - Worst Travel Magazine

    This is the worst travel magazine I have subscribed to. I subscribe to National Geographic Traveler, Travel + Leisure and Lonely Planet Traveller and they are all far superior to Conde Nast. About 60% of this magazine is filled with advertisements and many not having to do with travel. When you actually get to an article or some sort of travel information it is of no use unless you are independently wealthy. I am not a cheap traveler, but this magazine is ridiculous. Most of the information in this magazine is of no use to the average (or even the slightly above average) traveler. There are so many more magazines out there that actually give useful information and are interesting to read. Skip this one and don't waste your money.

  • Parola138 - stop poisoning yourself

    I purchased this audible version of this, which is done very well. I've recently read about four books that are similar to this in nature. The other books go on about chemicals I can't pronounce creeping into drinking water and how its not safe to really breathe anymore. I found this particular book to be more intelligent and straightforward than the other books. It is well-written, well-organized and blunt. The whole time I was listening to it, I felt like I'd obtained a 'golden' book that wasn't just some quack doctor rehashing stuff people were saying on the internet. I think anyone would find some useful information in here. This guy is a stranger to you who is putting in your hands very valuable tools to save not only yourself but your family from the ails of modern society. Stop poisoning yourself!

  • Amazon Customer - This is nonsense.

    This is obviously a scam, no argan oil should ever be kept in anything other than a dark glass bottle. True Argan oil, has a light nutty fragrance and the label should only have 100% Argan Oil on the ingredients. Light or plastic bottles degrade the product and it is far too tedious of a product to make for a true company to waste with improper packaging.