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Country:, North America, US

City: -77.4512 Virginia, United States

  • Phil Love - Scholarly Research Reveiw

    I have read both "Emergency Management The American Experience" 1900-2005 and 1900-2010 , they both are excellent reference books that show how we have responded in past disasters, the policies that came from those responses and how we are progressing in disaster responses. I would advise anyone who is pursuing a career in Public safety or Emergency management to read this text.

  • Patricia - Wonderful exciting flavor.

    Easy to get addicted to this. Cost effective. Very zesty lemoney flaver with spicy - just a bit hot black pepper. Good to sprinkle on at the table or add while cooking. Excellent for pasta, perfect for pork chops & chicken.

  • Matt Price - AMAZING!!

    This antenna is PERFECT for the trail!! Get rid of that oversized OEM antenna that hits literally EVERY branch with this sleek (not flexible or rubber version) antenna!! I didn't lose any reception at all, and it looks VERY sleek on the Jeep!! VERY easy to install. One piece of advice however. When tightening this antenna, there are no socket locations, so there really isn't anything to grab ahold of. I used my hand to tighten as far as I could; however, the threads weren't completely down, so I used a pair of pliers to finish the job and wound up putting a small gash in the side. I covered this up with a sharpie (ha!) and it looks all black & sleek again. Moral of my story: I highly recommend using a pair of RUBBER-tipped pliers to tighten this antenna all the way down :) SUPER product!!

  • Brendan Arthur - These fit perfectly and the lenses were good. They smudge really easily so I carry a ...

    These fit perfectly and the lenses were good. They smudge really easily so I carry a cleaning cloth in my car but it was a good purchase

  • Janet M. - In a hurry

    I wanted a decent product that I could use to design my new home. This is it! With the youtube videos and common sense, i was up and running with 3 or 4 designs. I've been working on my favorite rendition for about a week. It looks like a pro! You can export your design in a pdf or jpg. This will give my architect a much needed idea on what i'm wanting. the camera shots have helped me resolve many issues that stuck out like sore thumbs: like a wall height out of kilter.. If you are serious about your designs, then this product will get you there. The more you work, the more you learn. I have now figured out how to get vaulted ceilings! There could be more furniture options. I've download a lot. It was great to see what my chairs and couches would look like in a given room size. There needs to be more fireplace options and light fixtures. But, I'm just getting picky because I want it to be perfect.