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  • Heather M. Walker - This stuff is AWESOME!! I have tried everything

    This stuff is AWESOME!! I have tried everything, you name it, Plexus, Thrive, even Belviq and Adipex, and nothing works as wonderfully as this. I haven't done anything different than I normally do, and in the first week and a half I lost five pounds. Nothing I have ever tried has EVER done that! I don't feel jittery and nervous, my stomach doesn't hurt (though I recommend taking it with food just in case) and it doesn't keep me up at night. I only take one a day and so far I have had amazing results. I'm very happy, and I plan on buying more!

  • Belle - expensive, but worth it

    I have very curly hair, so I get ingrowns everywhere. Just a little bit of this stuff and the hairs unwind & come to the surface. I love it. As a woman, application is a bit silly, tho. Because it's so expensive, I don't want to waste it so I end up dabbing a bit on each individual ingrown which takes forever. Men using this for ingrowns probably won't have that problem. This is slightly scented, but it's a clean smell, not flowery or masculine, so anyone can use it.