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  • Dizzydae - If you suffer from chronic bad breath (halitosis) find something else!

    I have had horrendous bad breath since the age of 12. I was told to brush longer (4 mins.) , floss, brush my tongue. Which I do faithfully. I still suffer from chronic bad breath to the point if I talk to someone the whole room would be consumed with my bad breath. Just horrible. Anyways I stumbled upon thera breath a couple of years ago and when I first started using it, I followed the directions to a t. It worked for a little while then my bad breath came back. So, I would stop using it, try something else, then start back using it again. One thing I have notice about thera breath is that it really helps as far as mucus build up (gross I know). I don't spit out mucus as much as I used too. The taste of this product is exactly like water and mint. I would recommend this product to those who have bad breath but, not halitosis. It does not work for us.

  • JMM86 - Bored from Wii Fit?

    I recently purchased this due to being bored from the Wii Fit Plus. I wasnt feeling like I was getting anything out of it, but to still make use of the balance board this seemed like a good fit. The game includes numerous fitness tips and a calendar to help you get the most out of the workout. I have only done it three days and have woken up sore and sweated the whole time. The only negative is she doesnt explain how to do the exercise except in the manual before you begin. So the first day I was a little lost but its not hard to pick up on.

  • Shawnzi78 - Beautiful veggies

    Added this to my vegetable garden when plants started to yellow and weren't doing much of anything. Within just a few days they had perked back up, were vibrant green and growing well again. Very impressed!

  • Paul Kolodzik - Perfect for a vehicle without Bluetooth or even an aux ...

    Bought this item for my daughter to use in her '07 Pacifica. Perfect for a vehicle without Bluetooth or even an aux input. This device takes up no space at all. Sound quality is excellent. Charge your phone at the same time. Will be buying another for one of my other kids who is a jazz nut, and included a lack of Bluetooth as one of the reasons he needed a newer car. (This is better solution!!!) Easy to use, simple instructs, plug it in and go. Been looking for an uncomplicated solution to this issue for a while. Problem solved. You will not be disappointed with this purchase.

  • Harry - Game A+, Interface B+

    I never played the original Rocksmith, so I can't say what are the improvements on this edition. I'm going to evaluate it as a videogame rather than an "educational tool". The good news is that it's excellent at both. I am fortunate not to have the lag issues in its less-than-ideal setting. I really wanted to give this a 5-star review, but two things prevented me from it. The gameplay and the (yes) controller.

  • clarice orinas - THANK YOU SO MUCH!

    This really saved me from going to jail for 8 to 9 months. I stopped a month before and I did a lot to my hair and for my court day I used this. I was scared that it wouldn't work due to the fact I know they clean the hair in the lab before testing it and to my surprise it worked. Not to mention I did NOT bleach or redye my hair nor cut it. I am a female with hair that ends at my mid section. I'm so happy this product helped

  • Bruce Greenwood - Got to have cap

    It was a little difficult to get the retaining strap on the metal cap, but I got it just fine. The cap looks great.