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  • Amazon Customer - They work great.

    I didn't really think these were necessary. My wife said our clothes were not smelling as fresh as they used to. We popped one of these in and ran the "tub clean" function. I sure notice how clean it smells now. Better than new!

  • John J. Carey - Prepare, prepare, PREPARE!!!!! Great read!!!!'

    Another page turner!!!!! Again on the edge of my seat waiting for the next shoe to drop or should I say the next terror waiting around the bend in the road!!!! If a person reads this book and doesn't start prepping for tomorrow they need their head examined!!! Just a couple of days ago a major hack shut down the east coast social media! What happens when the whole country is shut down!!!!

  • Cheryl-Ann - The next generation of rap

    Brilliant mind for a young artiste. Thought processes and perception of things are interesting. Jay-Z was my favourite rapper until I heard this album. First heard J.Cole on Miguel's song "all I want is you". He has far to go. Watch out Nas! New blood on the scene

  • Diaspora - Did not notice any difference. Have Crohn's disease and IBS.

    Noticed no difference with these like I have with some others (Prescript Assist has worked best for me lately). I have both Crohn's disease and IBS and a doctor suggested these, but I won't repurchase. Also not happy about the unnecessary additives. It's cheaper than most though, so worth a try since so many others benefit from it.