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  • rsbooks - This book was pretty fantastic. I was felling pretty book slumpish even ...

    This book was pretty fantastic. I was felling pretty book slumpish even though I just got a bunch of top notch books but this book knocked me out of my book slump. It was fun, light hearted, had a great cast of characters, a hint of romance without repressed sexuality, and great world building.

  • James V. Tomasino - Doesn't Work For Me

    I have tried Align twice: first, after stomach surgery and at the suggestion of my doctor, and then, after a break of about a year, again. The first time I used it, I had EXCESSIVE gas and bloating for months. I thought it was caused by my surgery and would dissipate over time. It didn't. I never suspected Align as the culprit. I stopped taking Align and tried another probiotic I saw from a vitamin website I have used for a few years. Lo and behold, my gas and bloating problem disappeared! When I ran out of this one (only bought a 60 day supply) I came across Align at Costco and bought two boxes at a great price, still not thinking of any bad side effects from taking this. Within about a week, the gas and bloating reoccurred. I took it for two more weeks then stopped and my symptoms have improved. Align is obviously not for me. I was told after my stomach surgery that I would experience some gas and bloating but the lingering problem was caused, I believe now, by Align.