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  • Aaron Folkman - I Love my New Soft Beard!

    I just received this product and have been using it for a few days now. So far I love it. It doesn't have a smell which I was worried about. I didn't want anything stinky or overly smelly right under my nose. So that is a plus.

  • Harold Hutchison - Okay, but not great.

    Its okay, but missed the tax table entry for my income by one line. Its only $8, but I prefer not have any errors whatsoever. Edits to address this (and other such mistakes) aren't easy, so I used whiteout on the printed copy, and mailed them rather than use the e-file. And I gave up trying to get "registered" in order to get the state version after 3 attempts.

  • Meredith Herrenbruck - Important for your library

    If you have every wondered what proper eating for your body does, then this is your book. My body was a mess and through a nutritionist even, I didn't get the answers I needed. This book certainly did. It goes through all you need to know to help you live more properly. Your body is a machine that you need to maintain properly and if you want a book to help you with it? This is it.