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  • Barbara - A must have for any Harry Potter fan.

    Adorable little book that is great to try out these recipes. Great for those who have Harry Potter parties or cook with little ones who are reading the books. You can cook the food based on the book and chapter as for each recipe it tells you book and chapter it's from.

  • Joan - Amberen

    It took care of my night sweats but I actually gained weight and I can't afford anymore weight. I was really hoping to lose some of this weight. I gained 50 lbs since I turned 40 and I am now 43. Another 5 lbs is devistating.

  • Scrupulous - necessary product, RIDICULOUS price!

    Giving 3-star because, while the BOB stroller and adapter share fantastic quality and fitment, the price associated with this add-on is ridiculous considering. The baby product market is absurdly priced as is, but BOB makes no effort to ease one's financial burden with a ~$60 adapter, meant to house an over-priced seat, in a stroller with a tag not far beneath a mortgage payment! If I didn't love my kid so much, I'd almost be afraid to push thing financial behemoth around for fear of depreciation! (...would love to know what margins these companies are making on such items)

  • Quinn - I love them!

    I received so many complements on my goggles while skiing and snowmobiling. It is as good as my sunglasses for vision and clarity and never once had the concurve vision feeling while wearing them. The goggles are amazing and cover most of your face so the cold isn't an issue.

  • krangrape - The Worst Hair Straightener Ever

    Don't waste your money on the PYT hair straightener. It says it's made of 100% ceramic plates, but it's not. I've had mine for 3 months and already the plates are wearing down. They look and feel like plastic. Also, the customer service for PYT is horrendous. You can't order their products from their website, yet they deny owning any of the mall kiosks that sell them. So if you ever want to return it, you can't. And at those mall kiosks, they overprice the straighteners, so I ended up buying mine for around $130, instead of the $30 I could have paid if I bought it from Amazon. But if I could go back in time, I wouldn't even pay $5 for it. It's not quality at all. The material is cheap all around. Spend the money on a flat iron with titanium plates. That's what I'm doing, and then this piece of crap PYT straightener is going in the garbage.

  • P. Wynne - Amazingly bright, lightweight, precision and flood lighting! Awesome design

    I picked up the this LED flashlight to add to our backpacking gear. First let me start with the most noticeable feature, omg this flashlight is bright. Seriously for something so small, this little device on 3 AAA batteries emits blinding light. Not only that but it is focusing, so you basically can go from pint point tactical lighting at about 2"x2", to all out flood lighting with one flashlight.

  • Max Rockbin - VERY BUGGY even with lastest (April 2014) patches. Screwed up larger font views for disability too

    WOW. Another year, another absurdly buggy version of QuickBooks. This reflects my own experience. Yours may very.