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  • Wendy - Good for Even Dry Skin

    Love this product. I am 50 yrs old with somewhat dry skin. The product works well on my skin without being heavy. No perfume either. Doesn't peel when you put it on. Leaves skin noticeably softer with continuous use.

  • Amazon Customer - Muscletech rocks!

    Awesome flavor, awesome recovery, superior product. You can almost taste the millions in research Muscletech spends to make superior products. Only bad thing is I enjoy drinking it too much!

  • luckylindy - Good workout. Lots of good instruction on proper form

    Good workout. Lots of good instruction on proper form. You will work up a sweat with this program.


    Recently attending the JCS 2004 staged production, I find this set the most complete(with all the songs included). Yes, it is a little more operatic than the other JCS recordings, but it sounds terrific! All major characters sing well, but this Jesus is by far the best I've heard. Give this set a try, it's worth it!

  • Lazy Day Gardener - A rich offering....

    A book of essays is in many ways like a buffet - one doesn't expect to enjoy all the offerings, but the ability to browse and select what suits is most enjoyable. Elizabeth Gilbert's "The Best American Travel Writing 2013" offers several essays worth selecting and a few perhaps best left on the table.

  • JRODDY - Cool Book

    Good refresher for anyone into IT, Computers or how technology works. I enjoy the book more than the class. Got it at a great price too.

  • K. Oliver - Good knives.

    I never thought I would like the Everedge knives but I use them all the time now. This was a gift but I have them myself and have used them for a couple of years without a problem. My only issue with this is that the block seems to be a standard wood block. In other words, it's not specifically made for this set of knives so the larger knives don't fit in quite right. You will have a small knife that fits into a whole obviously for a large knife. They all fit in, just a little awkwardly.