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  • Kerri - made me break out

    I tried waiting it out but the breakouts were awful so I stopped using it. Big boils were not what I was expecting.

  • James Wellman - I'm happy with it!

    I'm happy with the performance. It has its strong points. Picks up some colors better than my GoPro hero 3 black.

  • t2000 - not as pictured

    Very dissapointed!!! There were multiple pictures showing a box with 4 bottles of the garden blend and 4 bottles of the orchard blend. I received only one of each making two bottles total. Nowhere on the listing did it say only one bottle of each until now on this review.

  • Amazon Customer - Great Product; No negative side effects

    As a fitness competitor there are days I feel energized and motivated while others seem to drag. The motivation is sometimes non existent and the quality of sleep I get is subpar making me feel extremely lethargic the next day. Since I've been taken masterbrain I can honestly say the quality of the sleep I've gotten has improved and my mental focus and energy during the day has been noticeably better. Definitely plan on ordering again.

  • Alicia Ortiz - but it's not fantastic. The only reason I purchased this product is ...

    This little trimmer does a decent job of removing hair, but it's not fantastic. The only reason I purchased this product is because I will be having surgery soon with an external leg fixator, and will be unable to shave with a normal razer. This will cut leg hair decent enough to where other people can't see it, but don't expect it to be silky smooth after shaving.

  • km88 - AMAZING!!!!!

    i LOVE this serun. i have gotten so many complements since i have been using this. everyone has been asking why i look so good lately. this stuff is my little secrete. it has made my skin look brighter and younger. my skin feels so soft and amazing. im only 26 and i cant wait to see how amazing my skin will look as i get older. a customer for life. i also have very sensitive skin and this does not bother my skin what so ever. honestly you need to buy this and try it for yourself. it is just amazing!!!!!

  • ChiefDSS - There are better one's

    All my computers have it but they are starting to make different products that are confusing as to which one to buy. Also, I have noticed that it does not work as good as previous versions. Will be looking to change upon it expiring.