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  • Tuna Boy - Complete Junk

    This so-called upgrade is just some property management software added on to basic Quicken. The biggest problem is that it will NOT let you import any of your prior data from your rental properties. You can only start from scratch, which makes this software less than completely worthless if you've been in the business and want to continue tracking all your historic data as well as enter new transactions (or, say, if you need reports from prior years or want to compare year-to-year performance). I have no idea what the Quicken people were thinking when they put this together, but it is complete junk! Don't buy it!

  • Anne Forrester - love that, and seems to be as advertised

    Have just started to take this product today. The product arrived AHEAD of schedule, love that, and seems to be as advertised. I will let you know more as I start with the product. So far, so good!! I bought this product because of the reviews. I did not read one single bad review; that says a lot. I have to take a liver supplement, because of some medication that I have had to take in the past. I no longer take the medication, but the damage has been done. This was the best product that I could find to help with the problem. As I said before, I will let you know as we go! Thank-you!

  • Nichelle Perez - Use with a waist cincher or some type of compression!

    I was skeptical like most to try these. I'm pretty slim but I wanted something to tone a little extra before a vegas trip. I tried on my stomach and back of my thighs. Didn't really see any difference on my thighs but I just left it on for 2 hours and tried wearing some tight shorts to keep them in place which didn't work too well. On my stomach I put a waist cincher I have over the wrap and wore it for 4 hours. Drank alot of water and although I didn't measure my inches I could tell the skinner around my stomach looked much smoother and firmer. After 3 days I felt like my stomach was flatter even though it wasn't too bad in the first place but I definitely felt more confident when wearing tight shirts. I would recommend to wear some type of cincher or tight compression because I honestly think that helps considering I didn't see the difference when I tried it on the back of my thighs with no compression.