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  • DesertDweller - Basic Cleanser

    With all the hype on TV regarding Cindy Crawford's beauty regimen, I was disappointed. For me and my skin, this product is not any different than Dove soap, meaning no differences in skin texture, etc. I would not recommend, nor would I encourage a person to not purchase, this item.

  • Jimmie E Thompson - Perfect!

    This is the best Virgil Flowers yet!! Wish Sandford would put one out every month or even better once a week. You won't be disappointed. Could not put it down. Excellent!

  • B. Grant - Say goodby to finger fatigue!

    Love it! Worth every penny. Makes extensive spray jobs manageable. I would not hesitate to purchase again as I hate the finger fatigue one experiences when doing a marathon painting session with rattle cans.

  • bone - Timbuk2

    It's not as secure or comfortable as I expected. I have to wear it very high on my back. And it takes longer than I'd like to get it secure before starting my ride. First time I used it I thought it was secure. My first climb, i left the saddle and the bag crept down and hampered my steering. So, it's OK. I like all the pockets and zips.

  • gogo - Im in love

    I just received it and its really gorgeous but unfortunately it came without grantee, so if any thing happen i cant repar it withou it, otherwise i really loved it

  • Darkwing Duck - Economic perspective solid, but SEVERELY naive on Islam.

    While I definitely appreciate the economic perspective and clearly articulated criticisms of central bank policy, I find the author quite off base on a few issues. We're essentially told that there's no domestic crime wave (wrong, and the FBI stats are only part of the equation, not the whole view) Islam isn't a pressing threat (please), we can trust the Iranians, and Israel should solve the world problems by partitioning itself. Yawn. Lofty libertarian ideals devoid of concrete reality. The economic sections of the book are good to go, but that's where it ends.