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  • Amazon Customer - H&R Block at Home - No Support

    I ran the updates numerous times, but they never actually installed. After talking to a guy at H&R Block, he transferred me to another number where I was on hold for over 35 minutes. At which time, I was informed that they could not help me, I would need to talk to Amazon. I have been an H&R Block software customer since the late 1990's. This is ridiculous. If the replacement CD does not work, my next order will be from TurboTax. I am not sure whether I am more irritated with Amazon or H&R Block.

  • Geoff P. Willis - The iPhone and iPad apps are easy to use and and with the QR scan option

    I bought this device to check in on an aging relative. It worked well, but was far more reliable when it was hardwired to the router rather than when I had it set up as a wireless input. With a wireless setup, I had to hit the reset button every other day in order to get a signal back. The iPhone and iPad apps are easy to use and and with the QR scan option, it was simple to add cameras to monitor. I'm now using this to monitor the chick and duckling nursery at my house and I can get a perfect signal from 50' away from my router.