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  • Mari S. - Get ready to sweat!!

    This product truly makes you sweat!! I wear it with the sweet sweat belt and it does not disappoint. I have lost inches with the two products. However, exercising and watching what I eat also helped with the weight loss & inches.

  • James L'Etoile - Good for French press grind

    The grinder is not as loud as my old Cuisinart grinder that I had to put to sleep. I use it for French press coffee and the grind is course enough with a few bits of fine material. A very good, compact grinder.

  • Mr Josh - Good premise, poor execution.

    It was OK. I guess it can't really hold a candle to the first one because the original was so epic. I think the premise that more of the species would return for revenge or to finish the job is great. I just think it was poorly executed. While it was great to see the few returning character, there wasn't any development of the new characters so you just don't care about them like you did for the people in the first film. I think this could have been so much better.

  • John C. procida - long time and very satisfied with this version although it might be dragging down ...

    Have used McAfee for a long, long time and very satisfied with this version although it might be dragging down performance on all devices. Can't tell for sure just yet. It is installed on 5 PCs, 2 phones and 2 android pads.

  • Big "E" - Alot of tire for the money.

    Alot of tire for the money. Price was reasonable, tread is mildly agreesive for passenger vehicle tire. Great traction on wet roads. Tire was offered in 275/55 20 and most are not offered in this large size at this price.

  • Night Reader - Totally useles format!

    I use a Kindle 8.9 HDX. The recipes are unreadable! No solution, can't print them out nor can you share to another site like ChefTap. Won't even allow cut and paste. What's with the paranoia? I purchased a subscription, I should be able to save or print the recipes as I please.

  • Cupertation - just getting started, but seems to make a difference

    I finished my first bottle of 30 and moved on to the 90 count- great price + amazon prime. This will be my second month of using Alpha Brain and it seems to help. I have 10-12 hour days at work and noticed that the last week or so have been more productive-- especially at the end of the day.