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  • Andrew - Rent Vs Qwn

    Welcome to digital servitude. This is a gigantic bait and switch. The first year cost maybe 360! but 600 or even 800 a year. Once the public adopts this there will be not more ownereship Software. They have run the numbers and this cleaver way to raise prices will keep costing more and more. The Story that they are telling Wall Street and the Story they tell Users are not the same. Wall street heres Growth a big one for them and they hear fixed high month to month revenue. Well The truth is we all loose with this the Adobe we once loved is gone and is now a greedy giant with crappy CSR and Sales!. The price has jumped three times. This is now like the days of the landlord where people lived on his Land farmed it he got Rich and they got a place to live. Kind of like the DarkAges of Adobe!

  • Arthur David Digby - Found it unsatisfactory

    I found it difficult to manipulate, non-friendly and a bother so went back to Word to do what I'd hoped to be able to do more easily with Publisher. I know some people like it, and with enough patience and practice maybe I would to. But for now it just sits there glaring at me with its little icon from my desktop.

  • Aubrie C. - BUY THIS PRODUCT

    Wonderful product, It does however fall out of my ear but that's only because I have small ears. It charges well and connects fine with my phone and I can even connect it to my computer. Get this ear bud cause it's awesome also came a little early