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  • Amazon Customer - Finally something that helps!

    I love this supplement! I feel better than I have in years. I was able to come completely off my some of my other medications. This has been a life changer.

  • Bobby Fischerman - Can't We All Just Get Along?

    I give this book five stars because it is by far the best treatise to date regarding the avoidance of huge ships. BUT C'MON, PEOPLE! Did you learn nothing in the sixties? Avoiding huge ships won't solve the problem. Separate but equal waterways only drives us further apart. It is the lack of understanding between the huge and non-huge vessel communities that lead to well-intentioned but misguided tomes such as this. We must begin a dialogue with our huge brethren. Remember--we are all floating on the same ocean. I have a dream... that one day ALL vessels will be judged not by their tonnage, but by the content of their cargo. Next time a huge vessel approaches, just ask yourself "WWPD?" (What would Popeye do?)

  • teresa reynolds - the writters market

    this product has been very very helpful. i will recommend it to other writters. the stuff in this book has helped write our query letters and other helpful things...

  • Okeke Gozie Solomon - I ordered this to try it out and has been disappointed so far

    I have never played PES before....Always been a fan of FIFA.....I ordered this to try it out and has been disappointed so far....Graphics was impeccable without a doubt but it lacks the flexibility in settings....

  • Nancy R. - Very disappointed. I read the reviews and bought these for ...

    Very disappointed. I read the reviews and bought these for my stepdad. I've given it to him multiple times and still nothing. I should have just bought the sugar free ones at the dollar store instead of spending extra money on this one. On the plus side, my stepdad never tasted the difference.

  • BeekeeperDonald - SeaFoam Multiuse Fuel Treatment

    I have a '98 Dodge 1500 pickup with a 3.9liter engine and a 5 speed tranny and was getting 17 1/2 to 17 3/4 MPG when a friend

  • Brice S. - Here's a real review.

    Ok, so here's a real review. Not a review that was written a couple days after the trying this product either. I waited 2 whole months to write this review because I know how important these reviews can be for a person (like myself) struggling with intestinal problems. Sometimes you try everything and start to give up and totally abandon any idea of relief.