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    City: 14.4112 , Czechia

  • b_davis - Does not dry my skin out

    I am in love with this cleanser! I use serums on a daily basis, and this product was a great addition to my daily skin routine. I love what vitamin C serums do for my skin, and this cleanser works as well as I hoped it would. I also love that it has rosehip oil, which I believe enhances the skin brightening and helps with providing moisture for my skin. My skin is so smooth and soft after using this cleanser, and makes my face feel clean and fresh. The cleanser also has a wonderful, fresh, citrus scent. I wish the bottle were bigger and came with more than 4oz., but a little does go a long way. If you are serious about your skin care routine and are looking for something that has anti-aging benefits, I recommend you give this product a try. On a side not, personally, I have been trying to get my husband to start using some of my anti-aging skin products and I can not get him to use the regular serums. I keep this cleanser in the shower, and he actually does like using this. So, if you want to get a man to add some anti-aging products into his routine, this is an easy way to sneak some skin care into your man's life. I hope that this review was helpful!

  • LoriO - This might just be my new favorite facial cleaner!

    I've been using this Organic facial cleaner for a couple weeks now and I must say that I really do love it. It comes out tan colored and thick. I use two pumps when cleaning my face. To me, the scent is a citrus, lemon smell. I don't think it's too bad.

  • Customer 777 - A miracle

    Heres the deal about this diet you have to be so tired of hurting and being sick to really do it. That said it really is a miracle. For me I had pain getting up and off seats the inflammation markers were sky high. I didn't like no coffee and no dairy etc... but I also didn't like watching the scale climb while barely eating anything and hurting. The food is good its real its whole and you make it. Keep the left overs and have them for lunch. You will have a caffeine headache and feel tired like any detox for a few days. I tried the Chromium and it made my heart race so just get the vitamins that work best with you. This diet is a miracle because its not a diet its just a different way of eating. I just finished day 10 and I lost 8.4 pounds in 10 days! Im never hungry and I am hurting less. I am going to continue on to lose the additional 30 that I don't want. So its up to you spend money on a diet pill your pretty sure won't work or spend money on real food and be 10 pounds down by next week. But if you decide to do it make sure you get the cookbook because thats what brings it all together! Best of luck!

  • trmidd79 - Good with limitations

    I would have given these 5 stars but couldn't. In the product description it was stated that you can use them while swimming. Well you can't because when your device goes in the water the wireless signal gets cut off. So now I use them for running.

  • Thomas Robinson - The start switch and landing gear are the only switches ...

    The start switch and landing gear are the only switches to work... The rest... Forget it... I've tried their drivers and a SPAD... nothing. Oh sure the test page in both Saitek and SPAD show all the switches working... but FSX doesn't even show it attached.

  • Ted R. Henry - Good account of the Pens 4th Stanley Cup championship.

    A good account of the Penguins championship season. It was their 4th Stanley Cup in franchise history. The DVD showed a lot of exciting highlights plus the championship game in its entirety. What more can you ask for. The interviews with Sid Crosby, and some of the other players plus the head coach were good.

  • Mrsteve4011 - (Old) Linksys CM100 vs (New) Linksys CM3008

    Great little cable modem for the price. I had an older Linksys CM100 DOCSIS 2.0 cable modem, which was great for its time, but needed to be replaced. I have Comcast who kept telling me to upgrade my cable modem, but I never listened for the longest time. Ran a few internet speed tests and I was getting 34-35 on DL and 8 on UL on the CM100. Now comes in the CM3008, hook this bad boy up, which is very simple, and call Comcast to give them the new MAC address for the new modem. After a half hour with a Tech, they inputted the new MAC address, registered the modem, and synced it. Got off the phone and ran another internet speed test and got 90 on DL and 12 on UL.