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  • K. Carnes - Great Product When Properly Applied by A Dealer

    I cannot speak to the Bad Customer Service or Warranty about this Product but I can speak to the quality of this Product. For Those who are Writing Bad Reviews about the Quality of this Product, I can tell you that if the Dealership is "cheating" and not properly applying this product by 1) Not applying 2 coats as they should or 2) not applying a smooth or full application of this product across your entire car then your entire car will not be properly protected from bugs and bird droppings. So before thinking that there are Product Issues, you should be going after your Dealership and making them Reapply It at their Expense a/s/a/p.

  • Jaylinn - They don't tell you something

    This is a fun game. It really is. But they never said that you had to pay for a few songs. On the list, it says a few are included but they were not included, I had to pay extra (about 2 dollars per song) for three songs that were said to be included. So, that was a disappointed, not a big deal but they should tell you that you need to purchase the other songs. I had gotten this game for those songs so to pay for the game and those songs not be included, was disappointing. After I bought the songs I wanted, it was more of a good time and I really enjoy dancing so this is a great game just for that. Personally when I hear a song I can make a dance in my head which are different that what is really on the game because these dances are fairly easy. I am very thrilled that I found this game on here for much cheaper than in store which was a nice surprise. Overall, I am pleased.

  • 333watch3r - Update SW, buy extra batteries and then Endless fun awaits!!

    If you are reading this and is deciding to get one prior to a vacation, I can tell you get one and update the software, there will be no regrets if you prepare correctly. Here is a video proof I captured all on GoProHero 3 Black. FW version HD3.03.02.37. (As of this writing May 21, the latest FW is HD3.03.02.39). I did not have problems with version 2.37

  • CBPfromTN - Amazing Herbs Black Seed Cold-Pressed Oil***AMAZING!

    I purchased Amazing Herbs Black Seed Cold-Pressed Oil from Amazon after using my sister's Amazing Herbs Black Seed Cold-Pressed Oil for a while to see if I could tolerate it. After I used hers for a couple of weeks, I purchased my own. I have to say it tastes awful, at first I would stand at the counter and work up the courage to take it, but I eventually figured out how to take it without any problems with the taste. I simply toss my head back and put the teaspoon towards the back of my mouth/tongue and pour the oil out of the spoon and that's it. It does still have the peppery type burn in my throat but since it doesn't touch my tongue, there's no taste! Now for the GREAT part. My blood pressure had become borderline and my doctor had told me that it (140/92) was too high and I needed to check it every day and come back in a month. I didn't go back after a month, but I did check it. I am checking it every day and it has gone down to 111/74!! Sometimes it's even a little bit lower!

  • Karen Pabst - Easy to use

    Upgraded to newer version and it was easy to navigate. Much like the older versions, but updated so no trouble converting.