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    My daughter has corkicelli or 3b curls. Her hair looks gorgeous with the Curly Girl method and this stuff. I also bought the Knot Today detangler. This custard gel is all natural, it smells great, it has no harsh chemicals, and it looks amazing. It washes right off your hands when you are finished applying it, too. We think it's worth every penny. While we are "Curly Girl Method" dropouts, we will use this gel forever. It has some info we missed, when we were just reading on the internet about the CG method.

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    I love this show enough to pay for the episodes. That should tell you all you need to know as far as my thoughts on it.

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    I don't know about the anti-aging benefits, but I really like this product. It's rich, thick but not heavy or oily. This is my favorite moisturizer.

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    Fantastic. Saw it on and had to have one. Bought it at the beginning of our 8 week trip and can't tell you how easy it was to set up and use. Now only one of us levels the Coach and no more level on the kitchen counter. Nice feature that you can see how level you are when you pull into site and can back up or pull forward to start as level as possible...... if I were you I would order one ASAP....

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    When I first got the product, I tested it on my arm with a very small amount, it didn't work. I was worried that what I hadn't bought wasn't going to help me but I was 100% wrong. This stuff is amazing and I'll never get another tattoo without it!