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  • S. North - great everyday substitute for high-endy corded headphones

    These are great headphones for the price. I'm also using B&W C5s2 earphones (about $180) and had Etymotic ER4s (about $300). I bought them as an alternative for situations where I don't want the cord (or don't want a $50+ repair in case I break it, which happened with both of the other headphones). I'm not a critic but for my purposes the quality is close enough that I don't even bother switching headphones when I could. They seem a little bit more trebly than the C5s (which seem to have more bass than the ER4s) but for the price I'm totally happy with my purchase. The battery lasted all day today while I was at work, too.

  • S. M. Barnett - BEWARE: State e-File NOT included (You'll have to shell out another $20)!

    I'm VERY disappointed to discover the state e-filing was not included (there is an additional $20 for state e-filing).