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  • Richard Brzostek - Very high quality

    A couple years ago, my wife got a high-end cookware set to replace the pots and pans that were about 10 years old. And having a nice cookware set makes cooking all the more enjoyable. If I compare that set with this one, I would say the quality is about the same, which is of very high standards. But I think the handles of this set are better and feel more comfortable to hold. The non-stick surfaces are also great! Without abusing this set, I suspect it will last more than a decade. If anything, this set is just as good as the high end set that cost twice as much!

  • retired to read - Should she submit?

    Jodie Walsh has been raised in the Irish Mafia family but kept innocent of her father's, uncles' and brothers' true business. The story starts with the Philadelphia Italian Mafia killing off Jodie's entire family except for her, taking her to use in their start-up sex slave work. She is given to Dante to 'break in'.

  • lapointerenee - Natural Alternative to Allergy Medicine

    I have been fighting seasonal allergies and Asthma for years and am always looking for natural products that help me instead of ingesting chemically created products. Since using Natural D-Hist, my allergies are much better controlled and I feel a lot better. Try it!

  • JNickle - So great

    This I would highly suggest. We live in a tight townhouse with not much space for floor clutter. Our kitchen counter top has an edge that fits stools underneath and which we attach this chair to. It is very convenient and very durable. We wipe it down often but like all highchairs it does need some serious cleaning occasionally and when that time comes it's a bit fiddly and time consuming to detach everything and put in the wash and reattach again.Once you've washed it a couple of times tough it gets to be easier to handle as you get better at handling it. Love it, great purchase. Even better that it stores flat and can be packed in suitcase and taken on the plane or in the car or even on a boat if you like.

  • LittleKel - Just what I was looking for

    Just what I was looking for in checkbook registers. The bank has them but they are very small, so I came on my favorite place to shop and found Easy Read Registers. Good quality construction, heavy weight paper and easy to read lines due to the color sections. Good price too.

  • Gary Guthrie - Impressed with the results, but give it some time to work

    I have a 1991 GMC full size van and taking out a leaky heater core is a big job requiring removal of the dash. I tried some other sealers with no luck, so this was a last ditch attempt to avoid the heater core replacement. The heater core had a slow leak in it, blowing a little steam onto the windows when cold outside - nothing dripping on the interior floor. I doubt that any product would work if the leak is too big, but if you have a seep, this product may work.

  • Poeticd~ - I didn't get good results for my facial hair but who cares

    I am in disbelief about the low ratings this shaver is amaaaazing!!! I use it for my bikini area and it's smooth as a baby's bottom. I didn't get good results for my facial hair but who cares!!! I am soooo happy and I don't have to shave for weeks. I LUV IT😌