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  • Caligula01 - I like to buy the big 1

    Wow. This thing actually works and works well. Very impressed, I like to buy the big 1.5L bottles for economic/college reasons, but while the brand i found tastes very good it is noticeable how the taste drops off and i don't drink 1.5L in 2 nights usually….hence this purchase and really all i can say is that it does exactly what it says it does, feels sturdy, is a conversation starter (if you are a lunatic and buy things because of that), and is not to big or too small. All in all one of the best purchases i have made this year, which is surprising to me, but true.

  • Bruce Sobocinski - AutoCad 2013 for less

    We use this product in our office for people who do not need full blown AutoCAD. It works very well and saves about 3000 dollars a seat. For the people we do purchase full blown AutoCAD we get them the Building design Suite which also comes with Revit.

  • Jaana Wiebe - I tried it for about 2-3 months hoping for good results and I found it to be terrible

    I purchased the hair loss shampoo, conditioner and apple cider rinse. I tried it for about 2-3 months hoping for good results and I found it to be terrible! It left my hair looking greasy and feeling filmy, no matter how I adjusted the quantitiies!! Overpriced and not very helpful!!

  • Aisha Hussain - This book did help me become familiar with hesi like questions. However

    This book did help me become familiar with hesi like questions. However, I felt that when I took the hesi, a lot of the topics were not on the hesi that I studied from this book. Overall, I suggest just reviewing basic math skills especially proportions, ratios, percentages adding decimals, etc, correcting grammer in sentences, reading and identifying what you just read, and I feel like if you took Anatomy and Physiology that the questions on the Hesi should be way easier than those courses. Simple questions like the outermost layer of the skin is called?

  • Granny Bev - Love it, love it, love it!!!!

    I bought my Nuwave from BB&B and you couldn't pry it out of my hands! I have used it for two weeks every day and love everything about it! I live in my RV and am not a happy gas stove aficionado, so was looking for an alternative. Bought one of those electric burner thingies, but that didn't cut it! I was also very lucky because my cookware (QVC brand) was magnetized and works beautifully on my cooktop! I love that you can turn soups/spaghetti sauces etc way down to simmer (which I cannot do on my gas stove). I love that I can do quesadillas on a higher heat!!