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  • Randy Castro - Feels cheap

    Bought this as a best man gift and was not satisfied with the appearance. It has the correctly listed dimensions but looks and feels cheap in person. Needless to say, I am not gifting this to my best man.

  • Matt - Worked awesome

    I decided on this bag because I had an existing messenger bag and this was an easy insert that made it much more functional then just wrapping up my camera and lenses in gloves and socks.

  • Brian George - Dummy Books Are Great

    Rated 3 Stars only because after reading more of QB For Non Profits I realized I didn't need this Dummies book.

  • R. N. - Kinda feel like I wasted my money..

    It smells kinda nice and it feels nice when I apply it to my face but other than that it doesn't really seem to be doing anything positive for my skin. I dunno.. maybe I was expecting this too much, but it basically feels like I threw my money away buying and using this.

  • LA Downey Rams - so far the best hair trapper I've tried and I've tried quite a ...

    so far the best hair trapper I've tried and I've tried quite a few. The problem with the other screens is that once their clogged it won't let water drain. Also, cleaning it wasn't the end of the world but definitely a lot messier than the TubShroom. All you need is a paper towel, grab and clean off the bottom of the TubShroom and you're good to go! Highly recommend!