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  • http://this1derfulworld.tumblr.com/post/140635854647/blind-diode-odinsblog-ive-been-going-thru I changed the url, haha - blind-diode: “odinsblog: “ …I’ve been going thru this guy’s twitter for the last hour ” this is the shit ”
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  • http://this1derfulworld.tumblr.com/post/55593713973/juaninmata-i-just-dont-understand-where-the I changed the url, haha - juaninmata: “ i just don’t understand where the HELL men get their superiority complexes from like women literally birthed you from their loins and gave you your existence yet you still think that you...
  • http://this1derfulworld.tumblr.com/post/55593638030/listen-i-dont-want-to-say-anything-that-might I changed the url, haha - “Listen, I don’t want to say anything that might encourage people to write smutty gay fan fiction about me, but I prefer to top.” - Benedict Cumberbatch, sending mixed signals on Top Gear (via...

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  • TDC Book Reviews - awsome

    About the book: Julia is one of those bubbly always cheerful women. Her neighbor across the hall Cain could be seen as a cold, cranky type of guy and during the holiday season, a scrooge. One day Julia catches him stealing her newspaper in the foyer of their building, claiming someone steals his. Julia has been looking for the perfect topic for a blog that could jumpstart her career with a company she has applied for. With just twelve days until Christmas, she decides to kill Cain with kindness and report if this changes his demeanor at all. Julia and Cain both have a preconceived notion of the other based on instinct, but can instincts change?

  • Nichole - You get like a tiny pea size out and the pump doesn't ...

    I use this once or twice a week along with a high dose of biotin and I've noticed a huge change in hair loss and growth. Not only that, but I have/had very oily hair. Not anymore! I never used to go so long without washing my hair, but this really has changed my hair. My only gripe is the pump. It doesn't work at all. You get like a tiny pea size out and the pump doesn't retract back up to allow more to come out.

  • Louis Parilla - A Must read ! Open Your Eyes to what really is going on in this World

    Fantastic Book Showing you the Actions & Steps of Why Runs & Control The World ! All people need to read this .The Hidden Secrets !!! Informative & it will open your eyes !!!Great Delivery & Service too

  • Ellizabeth Harris - No Return Address or Policy Provided

    I love the Women's Patagonia Down Sweater. I received it in a timely manner. The only problem is that it is a Medium and is too large for me. I would love to exchange it for a size Small, but was not given a return address or return policy. even the invoice was missing. Can you please help me make an exchange? I have not worn it. My email is:

  • Rohit Singla - good

    money well spent , I wish I bought all MS office training videos. Very explanatory , good examples , short videos

  • christine - gimicky yes; does it still serve its' purpose? yess =)

    so just like my title i do agree with the vast majority that this product is somewhat gimmicky implying at all you've sloughed off your face is dead skin when in reality only a small fraction of that is skin and the formula just makes the user in awe of the supposed gunk coming off their face.However I do believe that the product is working and is not solely the formula clumping up due to some type of thermal reaction or friction (insert other possibilities lol) because as i rub more of the product on, the less it clumps up and remains in its gel consistency and mind you i dry off my face each time before rubbing more on to the same area. Regardless of what its actually doing, i know the end results is that i have a clean, poreless face and it feels nice and just on the verge of being a tad dry (the squeaky clean feeling if you will) because this is not a cream cleanser you will of course need to moisturize and my skin feels wonderful the next day. bottom line is this product doe its job and is a fun way to keep you on your face regimen just because its so fun to see the gunk come off. i'm very lazy with taking my makeup off sometimes and this makes it more enticing to do so, plus it works. This is a similar product to the cult favorite "cure" from japan and several other korean brands like missha and etude house has them too.